In Lumine Tuo, Videbimus Lumen
(In your Light, we see Light. Ps 36:9)


Light invariably symbolizes knowledge, more specifically the divine knowledge. The epitome of Indian prayer was to lead one from darkness to light. In the Bible too light is always the light that emanates from God. MAPS motto is taken from the book of Psalms. It talks about the converging point of human light and divine light. The divine light is the true light. We can claim to be in the light only when we are in the divine light. A Mapsian is always expected to be walking in the Divine Light. When being illumined with the Divine Light, one can never walk in darkness. In God's light, we shall see light. MAPS takes up the challenge to provide quality education to create integrated individuals of character and caliber. Our vision of education is to lead pupils to the fullness of truth and wisdom.

Each pupil is taught to promote the basic values and attitudes of life leading to a harmonious and integrated development of the person to make him capable of absorbing the human aptitudes to enable him/her to lead a successful life.

MAPS Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the focus of the primary attention in MAPS. The Kindergarten is chiefly responsible for the high academic standard the school upholds year after year. MAPS believes in involving the kids in the process of learning. The kids have a very pleasant atmosphere in MAPS with its tranquillity and closeness to nature. We believe that education given to children placing them in the lap of nature inspires the children to love nature and learn from nature. With its clean drinking water, hygienic wash rooms, spacious class rooms, various co-curricular activities, interesting art-craft activities, audio-visual classrooms, large play ground and the exclusive children's park, MAPS offers everything that a child requires for education. The experienced and dynamic staff and supporting staff are always at the service of every student. Apart from mere academic endeavours, the Kindergarten forms each child to be a good person and well-mannered and loving citizen of the land.

MAPS Primary & Secondary school

Our education lead the students to the fullness of truth and perfect wisdom and to make them individuals of exemplary life endowed with enlightened knowledge of integration of the spiritual values with secular values and spiritual traditions of our land.

We strive to inculcate in the students a disciplined life with moral and religious values to make her/him a good competent global citizen. The school strives to foster all students as smart and dynamic persons by involving them in numerous curricular and co-curricular activities. With extensive facilities including well equipped structure with spacious and lighted class rooms, modern labs, counseling facilities, experienced and committed teachers, MAPS offers everything that a student requires to actualize her/his true potentials. We also give equal importance to co-curricular activities which focus on the development of soft skills and team work which include sports and games, music, yoga, dance, craft, karate, MAPS Kalotsav. Classes on psychology, counseling facilities etc. are provided. To strengthen the team spirits and leadership qualities the students are divided into four houses and this enables them to put forwards their innate talents.

The school adapts a unique Montessori Curriculum for the pre-primary (K.G) students to develop each child intellectually , physically and socially. These activities aim to provide the child a strong foundation in literacy and numeric capabilities.

Examination & Promotion
  1. The students are prepared for the central board of secondary examinations, X (AISSE).
  2. Attendance for all tests/ exams and sufficient number of class attendance is mandatory. The final results are declared on the cumulative marks obtained throughout the year.
  3. Promotion to higher classes is made on the result of the examinations held during the year. The pass mark will be 50%.
  4. On the days when concept sheet/unit tests are held, attendance for the full day is essential. If the child is unwell, he/she can stay at home. Parents should send their child only if he /she can stay in school for the full day or else, he/she will not be permitted to take the concept sheet/unit test.
  5. Formal examination is be held for all classes.
  6. Provision for Special arrangements is reserved to the management for pupils who for any reason, whatsoever are absent from the main examination or any part of them. Pupils who are absent from unit test for whatever reason, will get no marks in the particular test. All fees due are to be paid before the commencement of the Summative Assessments in September and March.
  7.  All students will also go through the process of an ongoing assessment. They will be assessed through oral and written tests at regular intervals in the form of concept sheets/unit tests and Summative and Formative Assessments.
  8. The students who submit their Project/Activity/Records are allowed to write final examination in each semester. (Summative I st & II nd).
  9. No student is assessed on the basis of single test/examination.
  10. The performance of the student is assessed on a day to day basis and carried with a cumulative effect.